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Hello there and welcome to my website and blog which has been online since 2012.

Here I am pictured with my lovely girlfriend, she is called……wait for it…………………………………Justine!!!

I write and post random blog articles now and then as a hobby, with the added intention of it being a convenient way of following things like the latest news, weather forecast,  TV and celebrity gossip.

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Coldplay Music SongsFeaturing the latest news, UK weather forecast, product reviews, popular music, latest YouTube videos, what to watch on Netflix, popular Twitter feeds, live football scores, TV spoilers and more.

As I am a big music fan, I have included some of the most popular artists and songs currently out now.

Featuring the likes of Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Coldplay and many more.

You can find the latest music videos and a selection of the best songs to listen to here. Check out my top 10 favourite tracks.

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