Repair phones

Mobile Phone Repair Shop

Mobile phone repair shop and location map. Find where the nearest shop is to repair your mobile phone here. If you are looking to fix a problem with your mobile phone then look no further. We have an interactive map below to help you find the nearest place to have your mobile or smart phone […]

How to keep your phone number

What is a PAC Code?

What is a PAC Code and what does it do? In this short article I will explain my recent experience using a PAC Code whilst moving my phone number from one mobile phone provider to another. I wanted to leave O2 and move to giffgaff and keep my old number purely because it was a […]

PAC code number incorrect on iPhone

Incorrect Phone Number on iPhone after PAC Transfer

Incorrect phone number displaying on iPhone after a PAC code transfer has completed. Recently I left my current mobile phone provider for a new one and requested to keep my old phone number. I was given my PAC code from my previous provider and sent it to my new provider. I was given a transfer […]

French bullsog pet insurance

Frenchie Dog “Frankie”

Frenchie dog “Frankie” is our family pet. A great looking, playful and mischevious french bulldog who has been part of the family from a few months old. In this short article I will explain to people looking to buy a frenchie dog what they are like, how much the average french bulldog costs and provide […]

Cheap London Theatre Tickets

ATG Tickets & Theatre Card

ATG Tickets and ATG Theatre membership card information and review. In this article I am taking a look into ATG Tickets*, their Theatre Cards*, London Theatre tickets*, shows and a small review of the company. Recently I used ATG to book tickets to see the Lion King* in London. It was a smooth transaction and […]

Mo Bros

Mo Bros Beard Care & Grooming Products

Mo Bros beard care and beard grooming products. In this article I am looking at a very popular beard care brand called Mo Bros* which featured on Dragons Den a couple of years ago. Beards have become very trendy and stylish these days and you see a lot of different styles on men. Itchy Beard […]