Restaurants to eat near me

Restaurants Near Me

Restaurants near me. Find somewhere to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner! Are you looking for a popular restaurant near where you are right now? If so, then you have come to the right place. If you are visiting a town for the first time and not sure where the restaurants are, then we can help. The below map should locate your position and find restaurants near where you are. This is a very popular search these days on the internet. We use our favourite service Google maps to locate the restaurants near you. Restaurants Near Me – Find Them Here […]

Translate english into other languages

Translate Words and Sentences

Translate words and sentences from english into other languages. Do you need to translate words from english to german, or french to english? I have been researching the best ways to change english text words into different languages and the obvious candidate was Google Translate. Whilst this is a very popular tool and the first on Google when searched, I have read reports that some of the translations may be inaccurate. With this in mind I looked a lot harder to find a better translation tool.

News Headlines

News: Latest & Breaking News Alerts

New as it happens! What are the latest top stories today? If like me you enjoy catching up on the news, we have a very useful live news feed on the blog. Find out the very latest and breaking headlines from the BBC here. Whether it is new information of a major security attack, celebrity goings on, funny story or updates in general, this is a great way of keeping up to date with what is going on in the UK and world. You can find out the very latest and breaking news headlines below from the BBC Twitter timeline […]

Calculator online

Calculator: Free Online Calculations

Calculator! Use our free online calculator to work things out in a hurry. Once and a while everyone needs to use a calculator. According to Google searches, about 3 million people search the word “calculator” each month! That’s a lot of people. So I decided to add a simple calculation tool to my site for everyone to use. Here it is! Feel free to use it to work things out. Calculator for Everyone to Use You may also be interested in our online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. Thanks for visiting today and I hope you found it useful.


Maps: Are you looking for Directions on a Map?

Maps. Are you looking for a map? If so, I have a very useful interactive online map here. There is not much to say about the map other than you can locate any place in the world, drag the map around to different countries, find directions and so on. Use the interactive map below to find a place of interest or a desired location. I use this map to find directions to places I will be visiting by using the “+” zoom button at the bottom left corner of the map. To view more options, please click the “Full Screen” […]

Online Dictionary and Encyclopedia

Online Dictionary & Encyclopedia

Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus. Find the meaning of any word here using the free online dictionary. There are a variety of different dictionaries and word searches available by using the blue down arrow. You can choose from things like Thesaurus, Medical Dictionary, Legal Dictionary, Acronyms and more. This is a very useful word tool for students and anyone who is looking to find out what a particular word means! Give it a try below. Simply enter a word into the search box to find its meaning. The dictionary result will show in a new window. Online Dictionary & Encyclopedia […]

Weather Forecast Today

Weather Forecast Today, Tomorrow & 5 Day

Weather forecast for today, tomorrow and 5 day forecast here. We all want to know what the weather is going to be like today or over the coming week. Is it going to rain, be sunny or both? It is something I want to know each day as I bike to work! My local weather is Leamington Spa which can be found here. Here you are able to find out what the weather forecast will be like in your area or a place you may be visiting in the near future. If you have an outdoor hobby such as mountain […]

Online calender and events

Online Calendar

Online calendar for anyone to use and view events. View today’s date, month and year with our free calendar. Feel free to use this online public calendar to view popular events in the UK. The calendar can be viewed for any year such as 2017, 2018, 2019 and so on. Check dates far in the future here. This calendar is a useful tool to find out when the clocks go forwards or backwards and when bank holidays are. Use the online calendar to check which days fall on which dates and so in. Calendar The below calendar can be viewed […]

Who called me

Who Called Me Reverse Phone Lookup

Who called me? Reverse phone lookup service UK. Find out here if the number ringing you is spam or a nuisance call and who they are! First of all, have you ever received a phone call and wondered who is this ringing me? Well now you can find out. With the increase of nuisance and spam calls being made everyday, many people resort to using a service called Reverse Phone Number Lookup to find out who is ringing them. I do for sure. If someone calls me on my iPhone, if I identify the number as spam using the below […]

HTML Colour Picker

HTML Colour Picker & HEX Codes

HTML colour picker and codes. An easy and convenient way to find the colour codes for every HEX color. If like me you need to know the HEX colour code of a particular colour, then you may be interested in this HTML color picker. Below is a free to use HTML colour picker. To use the HEX colour tool, click on Advanced, choose the colour you want then click Select. The HEX code will appear. It is HTML Colour Picker When you use a HEX colour in website creation remember to always use the # sign prior to the six […]

Most viewed videos on youtube

Most Viewed YouTube Videos Playlist

Most viewed YouTube videos off all time. Have you ever wondered which videos are the most popular on YouTube ever?  I did not so long ago and decided to create a playlist of them. With this in mind, please see below for which videos have been watched the most times on YouTube here. I have created a new YouTube video playlist with the top 12 videos that have been viewed the most times ever as of October 2017. The total number for the top 12 videos with the most views equates to over 25 BILLION views. That is unreal! Fair […]