A Good CV Resume Example

Find a good CV resume example here and learn how to write a CV.

In this short article I am sharing with you a good CV design and ideas to use on your resume.

Recently, I came across my CV and realised it hadn’t been updated in a while due to being currently employed. (The CV got me the job 6 years ago).

I was also asked if I had a copy of my CV so someone could borrow the design to get ideas from it. The person who asked for the CV example has been in the same job for many years and never actually had a CV.

CV Example

Here is a simple CV structure which I use including the headings:

A Good CV Resume Example

The CV design is simple but once you complete the sections with your own personal details the CV should fit onto two pages. The CV will look nice and sleek once complete.

Here is an example of the CV section Personal Profile text:

Experienced support services administrator and retail store manager. I am committed, extremely hard working, conscientious, decisive and able to assume responsibility. Very quick to learn, able to act on initiative whilst working under pressure. Able to communicate at all levels via different channels, enjoy working with people and have good PC skills with knowledge of a variety of different application packages and social media.

Interests and Hobbies example:

In my spare time I enjoy creating and updating websites for people, writing internet blog posts, and experimenting with Search Engine Optimisation. I love football, play pool, enjoy swimming and also enjoy eating out with family and friends.

This CV has worked for me each time I have applied for a job.

If you require a copy of the template feel free to ask. It will probably be easier to set out the headings in a new Word document. You can then enter your specific details under each heading.

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I hope this resume example helps you get the job! If you would like a PDF version of CV template please let me know.

PS: If you are looking to write a cover letter, you may be interested in this article.

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