About Us

Thanks for your interest in this website.

I am Justin Callaghan from Leamington Spa and I host WordPress websites for my friends who have their own businesses.

I have been online since 2012 and keep this website as a hobby.

Best Websites

My favourites websites list consists of:

Classic Arcade and Puzzle Games

As well as these websites we also feature some classic arcade games such as; Pacman, Mario Kart, Sonic, Angry Birds, Space Invaders and a cool chess game. Play online here for free.  Recently added games are Dominoes and Draughts.  Play against the computer or your friends.

News and Gossip

You will also find a wide range or Twitter feeds on this website featuring the latest news and gossip.  We showcase the likes of BBC Sport and News, Star Wars trailers, YouTube viral videos, celebrity gossip and much more.

Links to other Twitter feeds can be found in the menu.

Timeline 2020

New for 2020!

A new timeline featuring big news, historical events and anything which deserves being mentioned during the year.

The new timeline announcements (micro blog posts) can be found on this page.

Thanks visiting.