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Justin from Leamington


Hi, I'm Justin Callaghan from Leamington Spa and I have been creating websites for people for over 15 years.

I create websites and logos for small businesses based in Leamington at a very affordable price with two payment options. The websites look modern as I use WordPress and Google Sites, appear high on Google and are set up very quickly.  A free Google Business Profile (I can manage this for you within my cost) is also included so you will show up in search results for Leamington Spa quickly.

My service is super friendly and I don't mess about when it comes to websites.  I can create a free logo for your website and provide links to thousands of free non-copyright images which you can use on your website.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more and you will find the two different web design options available below with the pricing.  All the best.

WordPress Web Design Pricing

Please find below the costs involved in a WordPress website created by Justin.  You will create an account with Krystal Hosting who are one of the best UK web hosts to manage your own ongoing costs.


Domain Name approximately £10 per year

Krystal Web Hosting from £8.40 a month

Justin's set up fee £75

Buying a web hosting plan annually is cheaper at £84 saving 16% with two months free.  I also have a discount code at Krystal Hosting for you to save £10.  Use JUST5 at the checkout (works on web hosting only, not domain names).

Example WordPress websites:

DA Decorators


Woodview Ironing Services

Google Sites Web Design Pricing

Please find below the costs involved in a Google website created by Justin.  You will create a free Google (Gmail) account for the website part and purchase a domain name from a provider of your choice.  (Krystal Hosting recommended).


Domain Name approximately £10 per year

Justin's set up fee £30

No web hosting costs

Example Google Site.

Free Online Website Builder

Fancy having a go at making your own website for free?  Whilst Justin offers a couple of paid website design options, he also offers help with free websites.

Further details can be found here if you want to have a go at creating your own website for free.