Amsterdam Trance Records Tracks

I am a big, big fan of vocal, uplifting and emotional/epic trance music.

If you are too, then you may be interested in this article.

I have added the official YouTube channel of one of the best places to listen to the latest trance music to my website.

I have created a dedicated page featuring: Amsterdam Trnance Records RazNitzan Music.

As Amsterdam is known as “Trance Central”, and of course where Armin Van Buuren and A State of Trance was born, it is no surprise that the music on the Amsterdam Trance Records channel is awesome too.

Search for the latest trance here.

Amsterdam Trance Music Records

Below is a collection of the trance tunes I am talking about.

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Prev 1 of 118 Next

My favourite trance tracks have to be the female vocal type with a banging, driving tempo, euphoric synth pads and an emotional voice. There are tonnes of them on this page. Too many to listen to in fact.

You will find excellent remixes and new releases of trance bangers by legend Steve Allen.

He has to be one of my favourite trance music producers at the moment due to the type of trance he is creating currently. Right up my street.

So, if you are a trance music fan like me, I hope you find the RazNitzan Music channel a place to find some of the very best trance tunes new and old.

Thanks for tuning in.

PS: Amsterdam Trance Records has two live streaming 24/7 radio stations!

Check them out here:

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