Armin Van Buuren Trance DJ/Producer

Hello there.  In this post I am featuring the legendary trance music producer, record label owner and DJ,  Armin Van Buuren from the Netherlands.

Just so you know, I am actually 5 years older than Armin and grew up listening to trance music from a very young age and still listen to it now.

Am I too old for trance? Nah.

You can’t beat a banging trance tune with an uplifting melody, atmospheric soaring synth pads and vocals.  There are some great trance music producers around at the moment and thankfully we have the likes of Armin to showcase the best on A State of Trance.

So why write a post about Armin Van Buuren now?

Well basically, I think trance music had a very good year in 2019 and A State of Trance features the very best songs around, so I just thought it is about time I wrote a post on the main man of trance.

I tune into ASOT each week and you cannot help but admire the passion and commitment Armin brings to the trance music community – Oh, and not forgetting his right hand man in the ASOT studio, Ruben de Ronde .   Respect for entertaining the millions of trance fans out there.

Below you will find the official Armin Van Buuren YouTube channel which is perfect to keep up-to-date with the latest uplifting, vocal and progressive trance track releases.

Armin Van Buuren Trance Music

Check out the latest Armin Van Buuren songs, VLOGs and A State of Trance episodes below:

So, there you are, just a short article featuring my favourite trance music DJ and producer, long may he continue!

It is on my bucket list to visit the ASOT studios in Amsterdam. Watch this space!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the trance music.