Art Lounge International is a leading contemporary art gallery in Leamington Spa. Selling limited edition artwork via their online store and also holding art exhibitions.  Check out their official eBay store for some great offers on limited edition art!

Celebrating 50 years in business, this article features the many talented artists that Art Lounge International work with, or have sold their artwork in the past.

The well established art gallery includes artists such as;  Rozanne Bell, Craig Foord, Simon Wright, Allan Morgan, Royo, Mr Brainwash, Paolo Cassais, Brenda Herd and many, many more.

The full list of amazing artists can be found here.

Interestingly, I didn't realise that the current owner of Art Lounge International is someone I know!

As I turn 50 years old this year, and so too does Art Lounge International, I felt it a great opportunity to write a blog post about the Leamington Spa art gallery.

Paintings and Artwork

Below are examples of paintings and artwork which have been sent to me and authorised to use on this post by David of Art Lounge International:

The Artists

So who are the artists that Art Lounge International work with?

There are well over 40 artists that have featured in the Leamington Spa art gallery over the years, here is a selection of artists whereby their artwork can be found at the gallery (online store):

Rozanne Bell - View her paintings here

Allan Morgan - Find a selection of Allan's art on this page

Craig Foord - Visit the latest artwork by Craig here

Jose Royo (Royo) - Spanish contemporary painter, his works can be fond here

Paola Cassais - Italian abstract artist, paintings on this page

Simon Wright - Oils and acrylics artist, artwork is here

Monika Nowak - Mixed media artist, more details on this page

Siobhan McEvoy - Art Lounge Retail artist, artwork can be found here

Wendy Satchwell - A Birmingham born artist who loves texture and colour, visit her page here

Chris Chapman - Well established illustrator and abstract painting artist

Galleries, Videos and Brochures

Art Lounge International has a great website which features a wide range of art gallery photos, plus amazing videos and brochures representing the incredible artists.

If you are a lover of fine art and limited edition artwork,  I fully recommend visiting the website.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Art Lounge International who celebrate being established in Leamington Spa and Warwick for 50 years.

All the best.

Please note: All artwork and images featured on this post have been granted permission to use from Art Lounge International.