Babyliss Hair Cutting Kit Spares

Hi. Being over 40 years old I now use my hair clippers more and more due to going very grey and very bald!

Last week the number 1 attachment of my Babyliss hair clippers fell off leaving me with a faint line in the back of my head! Not good. Girlfriend was not happy!

So, I thought to myself, I wonder if I can get a spare attachment, comb number one for my Babyliss hair clippers.

I went onto and low and behold you can order individual attachments for the clippers for £1.50 each plus postage. What a life saver.

The one I have has become loose so I ordered a couple of spares. Absolutely ace. I know this might sound an obvious place to look, the manufacturer’s website, but I just thought I would share the fact that you can order spare comb guides. The clippers I use are part of the below set.

20 Piece Home Hair Cutting Kit:

20 Piece Home Hair Cutting Kit

The link to order the spare parts for this particular kit is here.

Hope you guys find this useful as it saved me from buying a brand new set of clippers!

Search for more Babyliss parts here

I can go bald without the fear of any clipper lines once more!