Best Breakdance Music Videos

Breakdance, hip hop and electro music. Takes me way back...

Back in the day when I was growing up in the 80's listening to freestyle, hip hop and break dance music was ace. But I could never break dance!

If you are looking for people breakdancing on the best music videos then you best watch these YouTube videos below.

I have recently come across some cool breakdance videos with B-Boy's and B-Girl's going crazy with the dance moves.

The videos are awesome to be fair. A shout out to TheCollageArt for the videos and SymphoBreaks for the music.

Check out a selection of awesome and the best breakdance music videos chosen from YouTube below.

More electro freestyle music videos and tracks can be found here.

I have never seen so many windmills and head spins as in these videos. Well cool to watch.

If you like old school 80's electro music then you will like the electro style mega mixes in these YouTube breakdancing videos.

Takes me right back to my youth!


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