Best UK Web Hosting: Krystal Hosting

In this article I am recommending the best UK web hosting provider.

Two words.  Krystal Hosting*.

This hosting company is the bee's knees in my opinion.

Read on to find out why Krystal is the best for website hosting.

Firstly, I run over 10 websites for myself and friends, plus where I work, we have over 15 websites hosted by Krystal.

Secondly, if there is ever a problem with the websites, the queries are answered very quickly by their support team.

What is Web Hosting?

If you are new to hosting or not sure what it means, here is a quick explanation of what it is.

Web hosting is basically space on a server where the website's files are stored.  A domain name is added to a control panel then a content management system such as WordPress is installed onto the domain.  The files are then accessible in the cPanel.

Krystal Hosting* would act as the host to look after the files essentially.

Best Website Hosting

Here is a short list of why Krystal is the best website hosting provider:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • 10GB SSD space on the cheapest plan
  • Daily backups
  • cPanel included
  • LiteSpeed web server (fast loading websites)
  • One-click installation of platforms like WordPress, Joomla etc.
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Award winning UK support

Another good reason to join Krystal is that you can earn money from referring their services.  After 3 months you are given a discount code to share with your friends or other people.

If you are looking to purchase cheap hosting feel free to use my code:  JUST5

This entitles you up to £10 off hosting.  If you were looking to buy hosting and pay annually you would save £10.  If you chose to pay monthly, you would get the first month free essentially.

So, if I you are looking for the best cheap website hosting provider, I would give Krystal Hosting a try.

Check the latest hosting plan prices here*.

Any questions, please contact me.