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So, you are looking for the best free WordPress blog theme like I was a while back? I can help you out my fellow WordPress blogger!

Now, before I recommend a great theme for blogging using WordPress, when I was looking around for a decent theme to display my posts, I wanted a few things included in the theme.  (The main aspect was it had to be free as I only use this website as a hobby).

The things I wanted was a single view (one central column) so the content displays just in the middle so it is easy for people to read, a nice blog archive layout, nice looking blog thumbnails on the blog list and a nice font.

There are many thousands of free WordPress blog themes and I have tried a lot of them.  But I have decided to go with the current one I am using. This theme is Hestia by ThemeIlse.  I love it.  It is the free version I am using and has everything I wanted in a WordPress theme.

Here is the design if you are looking for it in the WordPress theme repository:

What I like about this free WP theme is the following:

  • One column layout for content (one-page design)
  • Choose if you want left or right sidebars
  • Lovely blog heading on each post
  • Great looking blog archive post list
  • Ability to disable the header or footer
  • Custom copyright text option in the footer credits
  • Loads of blog settings including disabling meta data
  • Good choice of fonts and you can change the sizes easily
  • Change the accent (main colour scheme) colour
  • A top bar to display an alternative menu to the primary one
  • Post/page layouts

You can upgrade to the premium version of Hestia but the free version suits my needs. As I mentioned earlier, I really like the one-page content layout for the blog posts of this theme.  In the past I have experimented with using a left and right sidebar and this has had no benefit at all for me.

If you are a blogger and write a lot of useful content then a single column view (one column) is the way forward in my opinion. People use and search the internet to find out information and they want to find it quickly. Displaying tonnes of ads and flashing banners in sidebars just hinder the user's experience and, in my experience, do not bring much monetary value to your blog.  (That's just my humble opinion).

So, if you are looking for a free, minimal, and personal WordPress blog theme I fully recommend trying Hestia and disable the sidebars to give your readers a distraction free experience. What is your favourite free WordPress blog theme?

Feel free to leave any comments below.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging.

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