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In this article I am recommending one of the best UK based website hosting* providers.

I used to have my website hosting with a poor company and my website would be offline quite a lot.

Whilst the customer service was OK in terms of replying to tickets, the actual up-time of my website was losing me revenue.

In the end, I decided to look around for a new hosting provider.  I was looking for a UK based one with UK customer service who you could speak to someone over the phone.

Luckily, I came across Krystal Hosting. I am genuinely writing this post to say that I have received 100% great service since joining Krystal*.

If you want to double check that my website is hosted by Krystal, put my domain in this Whois domain checker.

Alternatively, you can check the below details and you will see the name servers are pointing to Krystal:

Creation Date: 2012-10-15T16:34:51Z

Registrar: Netistrar Limited

Name Server: NS1.KRYSTAL.CO.UK

Name Server: NS2.KRYSTAL.CO.UK

Why I recommend Krystal Hosting

There are several reasons that I would fully recommend Krystal.

The first being that you can either call, raise a ticket or start an online chat with them and they answer quickly.

The queries I have had range from transferring WordPress websites to Krystal or when my site was not loading.  Each query was resolved efficiently and politely.

As far as cost goes, the domains are slightly higher than I have paid in the past, but I would rather pay a little extra for better service.

It is true that you get what you pay for. My hosting option is the Ruby plan as I host several websites for my friends.

All the sites I run are always online and the rare occasion there has been a problem, this has been fixed quickly.

There will always be the odd problem with a server whoever runs it. Krystal's up-time is 99%.  I can believe it too.

Krystal Hosting Discount Code

Another thing I like about Krystal is that if you refer a friend, you can share £20 worth of discount/credit.

I usually give a code, so my friends save up to £10 on website hosting and I have £10 towards my hosting cost.  If the hosting is £5.99 a month you get the first month free.

If you were to join Krystal and wanted to shout about the service, you can become an affiliate also.

I will not lie to you, I am an affiliate for Krystal, but this post is more to do with the fact I am promoting their service. They are one of the best, most reliable and genuine web hosts around.

I have taken the time to write this post so other people can see that I recommend Krystal, can prove that my site is with them and can honestly say you will not regret giving them a go.

If you want more information on Krystal or interested in my WordPress website set up service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

So, there you have it, my take on the best UK web hosting provider.  Krystal Hosting* are one of the best hosting providers available.

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