Birra Moretti Half & Pint Glasses

Birra Moretti is a very popular and trending Italian lager right now.

It is definitely one of my favourite beers to drink whether at home or in the pub.

The reason for this post, is that if you too like Birra Moretti, you might want to buy a pint or half pint glass to enjoy it from.

The glasses are available individually or as a Birra Moretti gift set*.  Check for the latest deals on eBay*.

I have bought both sizes of the glasses off eBay* but they are also available on Amazon* to order.  The glasses are not expensive from either online shop. (Make sure to check the feedback score of the seller prior to purchasing).

The half pint glass was a bargain and is a great size to pour a bottle into. I much prefer it over a pint glass to be fair.

Here is an example of the latest designs of both size of the Birra Moretti glasses: So, if you are looking to buy either a half or full pint, latest design Birra Moretti glass, this post should hopefully help you find one at a decent price.


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