Amsterdam Trance Records Tracks

I am a big, big fan of vocal, uplifting and emotional/epic trance music. If you are too, then you may be interested in this article. I have added the official YouTube channel of one of the best places to listen […]

Love Island News

Love Island Winners & Popular Contestants

If you watch Love Island, there are always a few standout contestants that make us laugh or show great character. What are they up to now? (This post refers to Love Island from 2019). Search for more juicy Love Island […]

Giffgaff Mobile Network Review

In this article I am writing a genuine and honest review on the mobile network giffgaff. I have been a member of giffgaff with a SIM only deal for around a year now so feel it about the right time […]

Best UK Web Hosting Provider

In this article I am recommending one of the best UK based website hosting* providers. I used to have my website hosting with a really poor company and my website would be offline quite a lot.  Whilst the customer service […]

Free Radio Cash Register Amount Today

Free Radio Cash Register is back! If you need to know the value of the Free Radio cash register amount today for England (not Scotland), read on… Each day I will post the value of the cash register amount you […]

A Selection of 35 Clean Jokes

Here is a selection of 20 (plus another 15 on the other video) family-friendly, clean and hopefully funny jokes to lighten the mood. The jokes are taken from the a JokeBot available on Twitter. I didn’t make up any of […]