Where to buy butane calor gas from in Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa butane gas

In this article you can find out where to buy butane calor gas from in Leamington Spa.

Recently I was asked if I could find out where the nearest Calor Gas stockist for butane gas was in Leamington Spa.

The gas bottle to my mum’s portable heater had run out, 15kg Butane blue-bottle and she wanted another one. I started researching and came across the Calor Gas stockist checker – pretty useful to fair.

As we live in Radford Semele the nearest stockist to us is located 1.53 miles away in Russell Terrace:

CV31 1EZ

Telephone: 01926 887041

Now the reason for this particular post is that the service I received from the store was very good and worth a mention and recommend the store.

We went down to the shop but they were out of stock of the butane gas bottle we wanted, but what they did for us was let us know that the bottle would be in the next day and gave us their phone number to check.

I rang up the next day and it was due in about 6pm. I collected the bottle the day after and took the old one back that we had.

So, overall I would definitely recommend using Sandhu Food and Wine in Leamington Spa for your butane calor gas.

It would be worth ringing up first to check they have the size of gas bottle you need but they definitely stock 15kg butane gas.

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