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San Miguel, Birra Moretti & Amstel Pint Glasses

San Miguel, Birra Moretti & Amstel Pint Glasses. Find out where to buy them here. I am a big fan of San Miguel, Birra Moretti and Amstel lager and always have a supply of bottles in the fridge ready for a BBQ or the odd one or five at the weekend ;-). As a fan of the above lagers, I have a pint glass for each of the brands in my cupboard. Nothing better than drinking the lager out of the official glass! If you are looking to treat yourself or buy someone a cool pint glass as a present, then you have come to the right place. We point you in the right direction to get yourself a San Miguel, Birra Moretti or Amstel […]

Royal Family latest news

Royal Family Latest News, Tweets & Events

Royal Family latest news, videos, photos and gossip. If you are a fan of the Royal Family and especially the Queen, then you can find out all about them here. We feature the very latest official Royal Family and Kensington Palace tweets below. It’s a great way to see what’s happening with our monarchy. Follow and find out more about the Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan here. There are loads of Royal Family photos and videos to look at and watch here. Royal Family Latest News Tweets by Official Royal Family Thanks for reading all about the Royal Family, the Queen and Royal Wedding today.

Round Trampoline

Next Day Delivery Trampolines

Next day delivery trampolines at very good prices. Here in this article I am recommending a very good supplier of round and rectangular trampolines. If you are on the look out for a very good quality trampoline at the best price, then I can recommend Trampoline Collection*. We have had first hand experience of using Trampoline Collection (Next Day Trampolines) as we have ordered one of the 10ft trampolines for the family. This is a UK-based company. The sizes range from 6ft through to 16ft and come in a round or rectangular shape. There are two enclosure types available too which are internal* and external*. To view all of the trampolines on offer please visit Trampoline Collection*. If you like to shop on eBay, why […]

News Headlines

News: Latest & Breaking News Alerts

New as it happens! What are the latest top stories today? If like me you enjoy catching up on the news, we have a very useful live news feed on the blog. Find out the very latest and breaking headlines from the BBC here. Whether it is new information of a major security attack, celebrity goings on, funny story or updates in general, this is a great way of keeping up to date with what is going on in the UK and world. You can find out the very latest and breaking news headlines below from the BBC Twitter timeline below. This is a great way of catching up with all of the major events in the UK and abroad. The stories update automatically and […]

BMI Calculator and Chart

BMI Calculator & Chart for Men & Women

BMI calculator for men and women. Check your body mass index here using a simple online calculator and a BMI chart. What is BMI? BMI stands for body mass index. A BMI score is a calculation of a person’s height and weight. A person’s BMI score ranges from 19-54. Your score determines if you are underweight, normal weight or overweight. We should all aim to be in the green “normal” weight zone. Please see the below chart for the zones. There are a number of TV programmes relating to weight loss showing at the moment. I have watched a few recently which are interesting to be fair and illustrate ways in which being overweight can cause certain diseases. I took the BMI test and my […]