Google Photo Hosting

Free Photo, Picture & Image Hosting

Free photo and image hosting for website pictures. If you are looking for a secure and free place to host your cool images and photos, there is one place I can recommend. The one thing you should bear in mind when looking for a free photo host, is if they close the site down, you will lose all of the links to your images. If this happens, you will be devastated. But, fear not, I will provide you with a very secure place to host your images. Free Image Hosting So where do I recommend you host your images, pictures and photos? Well, love ’em or hate ’em, I choose Google Photos. Whoever you decide to register with for image hosting, you will need to […]

HTML Colour Picker

HTML Colour Picker & HEX Codes

HTML colour picker and codes. An easy and convenient way to find the colour codes for every HEX color. If like me you need to know the HEX colour code of a particular colour, then you may be interested in this HTML color picker. Below is a free to use HTML colour picker. To use the HEX colour tool, click on Advanced, choose the colour you want then click Select. The HEX code will appear. It is HTML Colour Picker When you use a HEX colour in website creation remember to always use the # sign prior to the six character code. For example for the colour white use #ffffff. If you want to match a colour and find the HEX code, I recommend this […]

BMI Calculator and Chart

BMI Calculator & Chart for Men & Women

BMI calculator for men and women. Check your body mass index here using a simple online calculator and a BMI chart. What is BMI? BMI stands for body mass index. A BMI score is a calculation of a person’s height and weight. A person’s BMI score ranges from 19-54. Your score determines if you are underweight, normal weight or overweight. We should all aim to be in the green “normal” weight zone. Please see the below chart for the zones. There are a number of TV programmes relating to weight loss showing at the moment. I have watched a few recently which are interesting to be fair and illustrate ways in which being overweight can cause certain diseases. I took the BMI test and my […]

Free Online Image Resizer

Image Resizer Online

Image Resizer to resize or crop your favourite pictures or photos. In this article I am recommending a very good online image resizer. The image resizing website I am referring to has been around since 2005. It has developed over time and has served on average approximately 30,000 image resizing per day. The website you should visit is called Free Online Picture Resizer. You can resize, crop and also enhance your images. Online Image Resizer It is very easy to use the online image resizer. All you have to do is click “Browse” and upload your image or drag a picture into the box. Once you have done this click “Continue”. After the image has been uploaded you select how much smaller (or crop it), […]

iphone Shuffle problem

iPhone Playlist Shuffle Stuck on Repeat

iPhone playlist shuffle stuck on repeat problem. How to fix it when only one song plays on repeat in an Apple Music playlist even when you have selected shuffle. Well this is a situation we encountered at the weekend. It drove us mad for a while! The same song playing over and over again when shuffle was selected on an iPhone music playlist. We made a playlist, chose shuffle songs but the first song kept repeating itself! It took us a while to work it out but afterwards, we couldn’t believe how easy it was to fix. When you have added the songs you want to a playlist, make sure that you do not select repeat, shuffle only. You have to tap on the first […]


How to Download Minecraft Maps

How to download Minecraft maps from a Windows PC and install them onto an Xbox 360. This was a challenge and a half to start with! My girlfriend’s 10-year-old asked me if I would help him download “Stampy’s Lovely World” Minecraft map and install it onto his Xbox 360. As I do not play Minecraft myself, I needed Charlie’s expertise to help with the XBox 360 part. After 45 minutes we managed to get the Minecraft map from the Windows laptop onto Charlie’s Xbox 360. Firstly, I looked around the internet and YouTube and found some differing instructions. Some of the YouTube videos suggested in other blog posts had been removed and some of the links given where dead so we came up with our […]