Tips on painting a room

How to Paint a Room

Learn how to paint a room in your house.  If I can do it,  you can do it. Give it a try as I hadn’t painted a room before and now have painted about 8! Find out which paint to […]

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Example & Template

Cover letter example and template ideas. So, you are looking for a cover letter example and not sure where to start? Firstly, what is a cover letter? A cover letter is a one page piece of paper that is sent […]

CV Examples

A Good CV Resume Example

Find a good CV resume example here and learn how to write a CV. In this short article I am sharing with you a good CV design and ideas to use on your resume. Recently, I came across my CV […]

Block emails

How to block emails on Gmail

How to block emails on Gmail to help prevent email spam and unwanted email senders in your inbox. Getting fed up with the amount of spam on Gmail and want to know how to block a sender. You have come […]

HTML Colour Picker

HTML Colour Picker & HEX Codes

HTML colour picker and codes. An easy and convenient way to find the colour codes for every HEX color. If like me you need to know the HEX colour code of a particular colour, then you may be interested in […]

How to download YouTube Video

Learn how to download YouTube video with Keepvid and store them on your computer. Here is how to download your favourite YouTube videos onto your computer so you can watch them without visiting YouTube. Read on to learn how. Instructions […]

RGB to Hex Colour Converter

If like me, you sometimes need to convert RGB to HEX colour, then I have come across a really handy tool that will do just that. It is very simple to use with excellent results. Below you will find a […]

Superdry Zips replacement

How to fix your Superdry jacket broken zip

What to do if you find your Superdry Jacket* has a broken zip. Update January 2018 I contacted Superdry directly via their website contact form and asked them if they supplied spare zip pulls to purchase. I got a response […]