Best search engines

Best Search Engine to Search the Web

Best search engine to search the web. Welcome to Justin’s search engine! I have created my own search engine which is powered by Google but only includes the websites I input into the database. With this in mind, I have created a search engine which includes the very best and most popular websites to visit for a range or search terms. Please use the search function like any other search engine by entering in a keyword. Your results will be streamlined with my choices of websites. You are welcome to recommend websites or ask to add your own. Best Search Engine Find my very own search engine below (the search results will appear under the search box): The search engine includes the best information for […]

Broadband speed checker

Broadband Speed Checker

Broadband speed checker. A free tool to test your broadband speed. Broadband speed test for upload, download and ping time. If you want to check the speed of your home or work broadband, feel free to use the below broadband speed checker. This tool is very useful if you want to find out “how fast is my broadband?”. Not sure how fast your broadband is? Find out below. Broadband Speed Test Test your broadband speed below: Start by clicking on the Start Speed Test button to see your results. Powered By broadband speed checker Recommended Internet Provider If you are interested in a very good internet broadband provider I can recommend the one I use. Plusnet* offers great value unlimited fibre broadband with very good […]

Funny jokes

Funny Jokes & Joke of the Day

Funny jokes and joke of the day. Are you looking for some funny jokes to make you laugh?  If so, you have come to the right place. Here I will showcase a small selection of jokes that I found really funny. If you know a good joke, whether it be a knock knock joke or one liner, why not tell us in the comments section below. The more the merrier. I am hoping to get a really good list of funny jokes. Funny Jokes from the Internet So, here are some funny jokes that I came across whilst looking around the web (credit goes to the joke creators!): ‘What is the best thing about Switzerland? I’m not too sure but the flag is a big […]

Amazing Photos and Pictures 53

Amazing Pictures & Photos

Amazing pictures and photos from the internet. Here we have a collection of over 50 amazing and beautiful photos displayed in a photo gallery. If you enjoy looking at great photos then you may be interested in this post.  Personally, I love looking at scenic and cool photos so I decided to create a gallery including some of my favourite photos from around the internet. Amazing Pictures & Photos Amazing photo gallery and slide show.  Click on an image to view full-screen and start the slide show. Please note: All credit goes to the photographers Thank you for viewing my collection of amazing photos from the internet. Please remember, I did not take any of the photos, I am just showcasing my favourite pictures from […]

Space Invaders & Pacman

Space Invaders & Pacman Classic Arcade Games

Space Invaders & Pacman classic arcade games to play online. If you are looking to play the best, most iconic classic arcade games of all time, Space Invaders and Pacman, you have come to the right place. As I am an old school bloke, I love playing the old retro games. My favourites are Space Invaders and Pacman. With this in mind, I went on the hunt to find where I could play the games for free online from secure sites. A lot of the classic arcade games websites are old and full of adverts so I checked a cool website called Scratch. The Scratch website is secure, the green padlock is present in the web address bar! A link to the games can be […]