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BBC Sport News, Fixtures and Results

BBC Sport is one of the best places to follow football, rugby, cricket, formula 1, tennis, golf, boxing and athletics. Below, I have added the official BBC Sport twitter feed which is a cool way to find out the latest sporting fixtures, live scores, latest results, news and live updates. If you are a sports…
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Most searched thing on Google

Top Google Searches Today

In this post I am showcasing the top Google searches today. If you are wondering what is currently trending online and the most Google’d thing today then read on. We browse and search online for lots of things, and sometimes we miss out on some either useful or informative information if we just stick to…
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Met Office Weather, Map & Radar

Met Office weather forecast, weather map and radar. In this post, you will find the latest weather for the United Kingdom. If you need to know the forecast then the below feed highlights if there are some storms brewing, any weather warnings to look out for, the temperature and wind speed. Tweets by Met Office…
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Leamington Football Club – Brakes

Leamington Football Club news. Follow Leamington FC, “The Brakes” here. Featuring all the goals and lives cores of every game, 50/50 raffle entry and winners, player news, fixtures, and results. As I live in Leamington Spa, it is only right I feature my hometown football club’s Twitter here on my website. I have been to…
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Latest & Live Football Scores

Find all the latest and live football scores here. BBC Match of the Day brings you the latest live scores from many football games. Below you can sit back and watch the scores appear as the goals go in. The official BBC Football Match of the Day Twitter feed is a great way to follow…
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West Bromwich Albion News & Live Scores

Find all the latest West Brom news, scores, results, and in-game highlights here. As a baggies fan, I follow WBA on Twitter as this is the best way to follow the latest updates, football scores and gossip. Below you can find out all the Albion gossip, player news and so on without a Twitter account.…
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Leamington Spa News

Leamington Spa Courier news and updates here. Find out what is going on in and around the Leamington Spa, Warwickshire area below. Tweets by Leamington Spa Courier