giffgaff deals and bundles

Giffgaff Goodybags & Bundle Deals

Giffgaff goodybags*, bundles, tariffs and deals. Find out the latest SIM only deals and goodybag offers from the mobile phone network giffgaff.* In this article I am reviewing and showcasing the latest giffgaff goodybag deals*, also known as bundles, informing you of the giffgaff voicemail number and using giffgaff to call abroad. We have recently ordered a free SIM card from giffgaff and chosen the £7.50 goodybag for a family member and they are really […]

Unlock O2 iPhone

O2 Mobile Phone Contracts and SIM Only Review

* O2 mobile phone contracts and SIM only review. In this article I am reviewing the mobile phone network provider O2. I have had experience of both a monthly contract tariff and a SIM only tariff with O2. Are O2 any good?  Find out what O2 are like here. O2 Monthly Tariff Review I have been an O2 customer for a number of years, well in fact 5 now. The tariff I was on was […]

iphone Shuffle problem

iPhone Playlist Shuffle Stuck on Repeat

iPhone playlist shuffle stuck on repeat problem. How to fix it when only one song plays on repeat in an Apple Music playlist even when you have selected shuffle. Well this is a situation we encountered at the weekend. It drove us mad for a while! The same song playing over and over again when shuffle was selected on an iPhone music playlist. We made a playlist, chose shuffle songs but the first song kept […]