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Latest celebrity gossip and news from the world of entertainment, arts and sport. If you like to find out the latest celebrity gossip and photos then you have come to the right place. We feature the latest tweets informing you of what is happening with the celebs in the showbiz world. Whether you want to know what is happening with the big stars in the music industry, sports personalities or actors on the silver screen, […]

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Top 10 Most Popular Twitter Accounts

Top 10 Most Popular Twitter Accounts now. Find out the top 10 most popular Twitter accounts to follow here. Check out the very latest tweets from the top 10 most followed Twitter accounts below. I recently decided to create a list which includes the most popular Twitter accounts so people could easily check out the tweets from these top 10 famous people. If you like to know what is going on with the most followed […]

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Funny videos for you to watch online if you want to have a laugh. Find the funniest things to watch on the internet here. Below are a selection of really funny videos featured on YouTube. To watch the very latest and trending laugh out loud videos that have been uploaded, click this link. The link will take you to the latest hilarious videos on YouTube. You will be sure to have a laugh at these […]

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Popular and trending videos to watch right now on YouTube. Check out the latest videos that are going viral on YouTube right now. There are 200 on the playlist to view so if you are bored, get watching them! The list gets updated by YouTube automatically so be sure to check back for new videos. It wouldn’t be right not to include the most popular and top trending videos on my website. These videos are […]

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Google trending searches. Find out the latest Google search trends here. In this article we find out what’s currently trending right now on the internet? What is everyone typing into Google today and what are the biggest stories going viral online? Recently I have been looking for the best way to learn and follow what is currently trending on the internet. Instead of trawling news websites and blogs, I wanted a convenient way to just […]