Celebrating 20 Years of Resident Clubber

If you remember Resident Clubber back in the day in Leamington, Birmingham and beyond, well this year is the 20th anniversary of when it all started back in 2001.

Recently I have been speaking with Andy Barbieri, aka DJ Andy B, and have taken a look at the blog as he is adding photos and DJ mixes from over the years.

Image property and courtesy of Resident Clubber

As a fellow clubber back in the day, I remember Andy and Daz going round taking photos of the clubbing scene and visiting the site to see if we were pictured that week.

If you are into deep house, tech house music, classic trance, jackin beats and cool grooves, then you can find some of the mixes here.

Resident Clubber Featured Photos

Photos property and courtesy of Resident Clubber

You can also find out more about how it all began in 2001 on the About page.

Andy B has said he will be adding more content and photos from over the years in due course so be sure to check out the blog in the near future.

As I am a trance music fan, this mix is definitely worth a listen to featuring some classic trance anthems.

You can find a variety of Resident Clubber videos on Youtube here.  You can also find Resident Clubber on Facebook.

Here is an example of one of the mixes:

Enjoy the DJ mixes.