Affordable web design for small businesses and self-employed startups.

I was always told never to use the word “cheap” in a title of a blog post so I opted for using affordable.

In this post you can find inexpensive websites for small businesses.

You are here because you have a small business or just starting out, and want a low-cost website. If this is the case, read on to find out how I can help.

Small business website advice

Here is a bit of information for you.

A website consists of a few costs. Web hosting and a domain name. Then, someone to create a small business website, like me.

So how much does a cheap website cost?

Web hosting is around £6 a month and a domain name is about £10 a year. (With a reliable website hosting company like Krystal).

How much does a web designer charge to build a cheap website?

For a basic, nice looking, startup website I personally charge £75. (You get good value for your money as I provide the same service as the big companies).

This includes local SEO to help you get found on Google plus a featured blog post. I can help you get your website listed on Google My Business for free so you appear in search results quickly.

In the past, I have created many small business websites over a span of 10 years using WordPress.

I can create a website in a day or two if you have some pictures, text and a logo. (I can help with free images and create a basic logo so don’t worry).

If this sounds like a plan for you, feel free to get in touch.

For your information, I am patient, friendly, honest and trustworthy, happy to change things around and your website will get on page one of Google.



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