How to download YouTube Video

Learn how to download YouTube video with Keepvid and store them on your computer.

Here is how to download your favourite YouTube videos onto your computer so you can watch them without visiting YouTube.

Read on to learn how.

Instructions to download YouTube Video

Firstly, search on Google or your favourite search engine for “Keepvid” or click this link to visit the website.

Keepvid is a really cool website where you enter the YouTube URL and you are able to download the video.

To download a video from YouTube, all you need to do is this:

Copy the visible full URL of the video, not the share link, the actual video’s https:// link at the top of the YouTube website. Highlight the URL of your chosen YouTube video by left clicking the mouse, hold down until the whole web address is highlighted, release your finger off the left button. Once highlighted, right-click and then choose COPY from the drop down menu.

Here is an example of a YouTube video URL in the browser’s web address bar (remember this is not the share link you see under the YouTube video, it is towards the top of the screen):

YouTube URL

Open the Keepvid website ready to paste in your YouTube video URL.

So, with Keepvid open, paste your URL into this box at the top, to paste the URL, right-click in the box and choose PASTE from the drop down menu that appears:


Once you have pasted your URL into the bar, click the grey DOWNLOAD button to the right of the bar as shown above.

After you have clicked Download, choose MP4 from the below options on Keepvid:


The video will download onto your computer.

Depending on your internet browser will determine where on your computer the video has download to. Usually this is the Downloads folder. If you open the folder the YouTube video has gone into, you can copy the video onto the desktop or where ever you want on your computer.

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I hope this helps you how to download YouTube video.