eBay Motor Cars for Sale & Selling Fees UK

eBay motor cars and classic cars for sale*.

One thing that you see for sale a lot of on eBay, is motor cars. Whether it be a used car, classic car or brand-new car.

I have always wondered how much it costs to sell a car on eBay considering how much they sell for.

Whilst looking on eBay, I decided to looking into how much it would cost to sell a car.

According to eBay, the listing fees for cars is different to other products. You pay a fixed listing fee and a final fee when the car is sold.

You can find out how much the listing fees and final charges for selling a car on eBay are here*.

For reference, it will cost £14.99 (in 2021) to list your car and 1% (max. £45) final fee.

(Above images for display purposes only, cars not listed on eBay).

This seems reasonable considering how many thousands of people are searching for either classic cars or motor cars on eBay.

The current listings on eBay for cars for sale is here* and classic cars here*.

I hope this answers your query on how much eBay car selling fees are.

Please note, any link with * next to it means I may earn a share of the sale by means of commission. Thank you.

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