Fill Text with Photos in Google Slides

If you have been searching online how to fill text with your own photos in Google Slides you are not alone.

I have searched high and low for an add-on or script and couldn't find anything. 

So, I decided to make my own way of making letters and words filled with my own images just by using shapes!

In this post I will show you how to add an image to Google Slides, make text filled with your own photos and add shapes to slides.  No layers required or photo editing software to create this basic effect.

I do understand that this is a limited way of creating text as you cannot choose different fonts etc but you can make cool letters if you are patient.  As you cannot add images using Word Art or text box in Google Slides, I found that this was the only way (so far).

The instructions are below but if you want to view a video on this, here is my YouTube video:

How to Make Text Filled with Images Google Slides Style

  1. Add a new slide (SlideNew Slide LayoutBlank)
  2. Add an image of your choice to the slide (InsertImage Upload from computer)
  3. Add shapes (InsertShapeShapes) to the image and stretch them to the desired width and height to create letters (Default colour of shape background is light grey, I made them red to stand out) To flip the shapes (Highlight shapeFormat Format Options Size and rotation Flip)
  4. Change the colour of the shape (or use the same colour as your slide background) Click on the shape to highlight (Fill colour choose white, Border colour choose white)
  5. To change the image to another just right click and replace image in Google Slides

Here is an example of letters filled with photos:

Add shapes (stretch to size you require) to make the letters:

Change the shape background and border colour to white (or same colour as your slide background).

This is the effect:

To change the images to different ones, right click the letters created in Google Slides then navigate to replace image, choose a different image: So there you go, if you don't want to use Photoshop, gimp or Microsoft Word etc to fill text with images, just use this technique in Google Slides.

A nice free and easy way to add images into text.

The link to the Google Slides I have made is here.

If you have any questions or want a word creating with your own photos, please feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading Fill Text with Photo in Google Slides.

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  1. Avatar Janneh Merritt says:

    You Rock! Thanks for leaving the examples! Truly didn’t think of making the letters in the fashion!

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