How to fix your Superdry jacket broken zip

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What to do if you find your Superdry Jacket* has a broken zip.

Update January 2018

I contacted Superdry directly via their website contact form and asked them if they supplied spare zip pulls to purchase.

I got a response the same day and was told that if I took a photo of the zip I needed then they would check their warehouse.

If you need a replacement zip I would contact Superdry directly and they should send you one out.

I have searched for quite a while on Google and there is not a place to purchase Superdry official zips online.

Worth a look for a cheap Superdry jacket: eBay Superdry Store*

How to fix your broken Superdry zip

This may well be a crazy post, but having a jacket with 6 zips one of them is bound to bust sometime.

Mine did last week and it was a right mission to do my coat up. I tried using the other zips but the coat became to large and didn’t fit using the other available zips.

So, the Superdry jacket zip itself is made of a rectangular metal plate coated in plastic, the zip’s metal plate had broken just inside the plastic coating with a small piece of the metal plate fixed to the zip itself – making it impossible to do up.

How did I fix it?

With a £1 tube of Asda’s own brand super glue. Yep, trusty old Asda Price do their own version of super glue, £2.50 cheaper.

I carefully used the super glue brush to paste the glue inside the plastic coating and put some on the metal plate, pushed the plastic zip onto the plate and held it there for a few minutes. Once it had fastened I left it overnight. A week later my Superdry jacket is back in action with all 6 zips.

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