Free ePostcard Template Using Google Docs

Free ePostcard template to create a virtual postcard using your own photos and messages. A free and easy way to spread good vibes online with the help of Google Docs.

Download or send the finished postcard via email in a couple of clicks.  Free online postcard maker with easy-to-use editing.

You can create a personal ePostcard for many different reasons.  Whether it is to share your favourite holiday snap, photo of your new baby, to say thank you to someone or just to say hello to someone who lives far away.

I have sent a number of these online postcards and the recipient really appreciated it.

I have created an ePostcard template in Google Docs which you can easily edit and email directly to whoever you want to.  (Google account required to email, but no sign up required to save or download).

The template is currently in viewer mode but feel free to contact me and I will change the permissions to editor so you can download or make your own changes.

Here is an example of what can be achieved using either Google Drawings or Google Slides:

Google Drawings:

Google Slides:

To view the Google Slide postcard template please click here.  Please get in touch if you would like to download the above template to add your own photo and text.  I will set it to editor mode for you.

Follow these instructions to create your personalized ePostcard:

Tip: I recommend navigating to File then Make a Copy so you can download the file and edit your own version of the postcard on your computer.  You will need to be signed in to Google to email the postcard.  You can download without signing in.

Your changes are made in real-time so no need to keep saving your work.

  1. Click this link to access the postcard template in Google Docs
  2. To replace the image with your own, right click on the beach photo and choose Replace Image
    Choose the image location and your image should fit inside the box
  3. To change the "Wish you were here..." text just click over it, change to your own text – or delete it
  4. For the text on the right for your message, just click inside the words and delete and replace with yours
  5. Don’t type anything under the stamp or else you won’t see the words!
  6. When you have finished, either download or email the postcard (sign in required) to someone click:  File, Email, Email this file
  7. Add your recipient's email address and write a message then send the email

Here is a quick video on how to create and edit the postcard:

The postcard is sent as a PDF, JPG or PNG file attachment.

You can make as many postcards as you like. If you make mistakes, use the back arrow in the menu to undo the previous changes.

I have made copies of the postcard template if anything goes wrong or if you would like me to send you the template via email.

This is totally free to use and please contact me if you require any assistance or help changing anything.

There is also a free pic collage maker post here.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy making some unique and memorable ePostcards.

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