Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Free online jigsaw puzzles to play and complete here on my blog.

If you are bored during lockdown or just in general, how about solving some cool online jigsaw puzzles?  Or why not make your own?

Well, you are in luck.  I have searched the net for "free jigsaw puzzles online" to add to my website for you to play.

All the online jigsaws featured on this post are courtesy of Jigsaw Planet so, all credit goes to them for allowing bloggers like me to display their popular jigsaw puzzles. You can also complete my very own photo jigsaw puzzles here.

Jigsaw Puzzle of the Month: Spiderman

Below you will find the Top 10 free jigsaw puzzles online to complete. The list will be regularly updated so be sure to bookmark this page. I hope you enjoy the jigsaws!



Life Reflections

Blue Bird


Big Ben London

Last Sun Rays



Online Jigsaw Puzzles Help

Here are some top tips and handy hints on how to complete the free online jigsaws:

  • To view the completed puzzle, click the far-left icon at the bottom of the frame (image icon)
  • The ghost icon places the puzzle behind the pieces to give you guidance on where to place the pieces
  • You can enlarge and make the jigsaw full screen by hitting the far-right icon to maximise the view
  • The percentage value increases as you complete the puzzle and fit pieces together in the right places
  • You can leave the puzzle and your progress will be saved so you can come back to it later

I hope this helps you enjoy the online jigsaw puzzles.

PS: If you enjoy puzzles, you may be interested in visiting my free online Sudoku page.

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