Free online Sudoku puzzles to solve and play here.

If you are looking to play different levels of Sudoku for free online, then you are in luck.

Thanks to metapult I have been able to add free Sudoku puzzles to my blog for everyone to play.  Thanks very much for this, much appreciated!

Check out the online Sudoku puzzles below which you can play on your tablet or desktop computer.  (Apologies the Sudoku doesn’t work on mobile phones for some reason).

With over 2000 puzzles to complete, this should keep you occupied for a while.

For your information:  When completing the below puzzles, when you place a number in the right square the outline will be blue then go grey, if you have placed a number in the incorrect square, it will have a red border.  Please try a new square if the border is red.

Sudoku Puzzles

If you get stuck trying to complete a particular puzzle please press hint, if you want to know the completed puzzle, hit Hollywood or the solve buttons.

I hope you enjoy the free online Sudoku puzzles.

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