Frenchie Dog “Frankie” the French Bulldog

Frenchie dog “Frankie” is our family pet.

A great looking, playful and mischevious french bulldog who has been part of the family from a few months old.

In this short article I will explain to people looking to buy a frenchie dog what they are like, how much the average french bulldog costs and provide some links to products suitable for the breed.

French bulldogs are a very popular dog breed at the moment and many celebtrities also have them as a pet due to their nice nature and character.

The temperament of a frenchie can be described as a bit of a clown, stubborn at times, very good with children and adults, enjoys sitting on your lap and is very much a people loving pet.

Frenchies love a walk but they do not need very long walks due to their build and breathing.

Frenchies love to roll around on their backs and play with toys, especially the ball on a rope. You will often see Frankie swinging the ball and rope around like a crazy dog going round and around. It is very funny to see and he loves it.

So how much does a french bulldog puppy cost?

If you buy a KC registered french bulldog puppy, you are looking in the region of £1000 upwards to buy one.

What about training a Frenchie Dog?

Training any dog requires dedication and patience. French bulldogs can be quite stubborn at times but as they reach over around 2 and a half years old their recall is very good indeed and they carry out commands such as sit, down, etc really well.

Frenchies become very well house trained and are a very intelligent dog indeed. Frankie near enough talks to get your attention to get his toys out the box or to play with him.

Here is another photo of Frankie having a snooze:

French bulldog

Some useful things to buy when you have a french bulldog are a small or medium sized harness*, a medium retractable collar and lead*, medium dog bed* and a treat bag. Make sure you buy plenty of poop bags also.

So, if you are on the look out for a french bulldog, we fully recommend them as a pet, especially if you have small children at the moment.

Thanks for reading my frenchie dog article and if you have an questions, please do not hesitate to ask or comment below.

All the best.

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