Google Pixel 3a Review

This is a review of a Google Pixel 3a in black that I received yesterday.

Hot off the press. (Well my press!)

No drama, just what I think about my new phone.

I am an old school iPhone user for years that took the plunge and went to Android.  Find out what I think below.

First off though, I will be honest, I always thought iPhones were the bees knees.  Until now…

One of the reasons behind this review is that quite a few people I know wouldn’t change from owning an iPhone but they don’t listen to much music (so iTunes is not necessary for me), so this is why maybe, they should think again.

Google Pixel 3a

I am not going to bore you with the specs of the Pixel 3a, you can find those anywhere.  But, what I will say is that the camera is bloody awesome.  Loads of different modes, portrait, slo-mo, time lapse etc etc.  Sweet as.  Even I look half decent in portrait mode!

Here is a selection of things I love about the Pixel 3a already.

I use a lot of Google apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos etc etc plus I have a Google Chromebook.  I like the fact everything is connected to my new phone with a single sign on.

Setting up the phone was dead easy and of course, just logging into the phone with my Google Account, everything was accessible.  No worrying about setting up email accounts on an iPhone.  Always had a mission with that.

I connected my old iPhone to the Pixel during set up and everything transferred over apart from the apps. To be fair I didn’t use half the apps on my old phone so I just installed the ones I wanted again via the  Google Play store.

The best thing I like about this phone is that I do not need to use iTunes.  I went onto a free site to get message alerts and my old favourite Nokia Nocturnal ringtone. Downloaded the tones and set them, no faffing about with iTunes.

The screen is probably a similar size to an iPhone 7 and feels nice and light but sturdy.  I have a case and screen protector on the way.  It is definitely slippy to handle!

On to the sound quality of the Google Pixel 3a. I listened to a few tunes with my headphones on and, the sound is very good.  Speaking to a few people on the phone was crystal clear during voice calls.

You get unlimited photo storage with this phone.  There is a setting in storage to choose the unlimited photos.

Regarding apps, I was obviously able to get all apps I wanted off the Google Play store so the phone just does the same as an iPhone anyway.  It has an alarm, calendar, calculator bla bla, so it is no different to an iPhone at all in functionality wise.

What I did like about this phone was the price.  £299.

Sim free. I am on giffgaff which costs me £8 a month for 2GB and unlimited texts and calls.

So in summary here is what I like about this Google Pixel 3 phone:

  • Camera is ace
  • Sound is great
  • Price was affordable
  • Can download your own alert tones and listen to music without iTunes
  • Easy to set up and transfer iPhone stuff over during set up
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Gmail email nice and easy to use (always used that before though)
  • Apps are the same on Google Play store for Android as on the Apple Store
  • The fingerprint unlock is on the back which makes it very quick to unlock the phone

All-in-all, changing from an iPhone to the Google Pixel 3a was no bother at all.  I don’t miss having an iPhone one bit.

I like Google – some people don’t, but everything links to my Google Chromebook also and sync’s with Google Chrome like passwords etc.  It just streamlines everything for me.

If you are in any doubt about the quality of the Pixel 3a, don’t be, they are really good phones for the price.

Best phone I have had for sure and I recommend getting one if you are thinking of getting a new phone.

Any questions about the Pixel 3a, do no hesitate to ask or leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer asap.

All the best.

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