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In this blog post I take a look at the new Google Sites free website builder and discuss how you can get a totally free website up and running in no time.

Google Sites has come along way since the Classic Version.  I decided to create a simple website to check out the themes and templates and to see how easy it was to add content.

My first impressions of Google's page builder was, that's pretty cool! Really easy to add content sections and drag them about to your required size and so on.

I am not going to show you how to start a new site as this is straight forward as long as a you have a Google account.

Google Website Builder

The free website builder offered by Google is really easy to use and I have to say, I love it.  Create a page and name it, click on a section layout and it adds the section to the page.  Add images or text into the sections and Google automatically saves it for you. When you are ready to launch your new website you just click the blue Publish button.

Here is the area in the dashboard of the website builder where you chose the content to add:

You can add a simple text area or image or choose from the ready-made layouts.

What you need to know with the free Google Sites is that you can only buy a custom domain name if you have a business or for commercial purposes.  If you set up a website using Google Sites, you will get a domain such as:

This will still get indexed in Google search and is fine if you just want to try your hand in creating a website for free.

What I like about Google Sites is that there are around 15 templates and 6 theme styles.  You can customise all aspects of the site such as colours, font types, font sizes and so on.

Theme examples (there are more when you scroll in the dashboard of the website):

Google also offers a variety of other content that you can to your website pages,  see below for examples of this:

To add any of these, just click on them and they will be added to the page.

Google Sites for Business

If I owned a small business or start-up, and I wanted the cheapest way of creating a website, Google Sites would be my first choice.  It is 100% free to create a website using the free website builder and to buy your own domain name costs approximately £10 a year.  You could have your own business website for £10 a year.  That is incredibly cheap.

You will need to add a privacy policy page although Google adds a cookie notice for you.  Here is an example of the cookie notice that will display on your website below:

How to set up your free Google website

Before you start your free Google Sites website I recommend following these tips:

  1. Decide on the number of pages you want for your website: Homepage, About, Gallery, Services, Contact etc
  2. Type the content of your pages in notepad or in Google Docs before you start the website so you can copy and paste the text into the website pages
  3. Create a logo if you want one (plenty of free logo makers online)
  4. Choose the images you want for the site, a header image and page content images
  5. Make a list of your social links, contact details and email address etc

Once you have all of the above content ready, you can put your website together very quickly.

If you own a small business and want free stock images, you can find millions of free non-copyright photos here.

More Google Docs blog posts can be found here.

I fully recommend using Google Sites to create your website as it is totally free, easy to use and will look good on any device.

If you want any advice on using Google website builder, please contact me.

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