Google Speed Test for Websites

Google speed test for mobile and desktop versions of websites.

If you own your own website or blog like me, then you may want to know how fast your site loads. I have read recently that Google has changed their ranking signal for mobile sites. You can read the update here: Using page speed in mobile search ranking.

Now, please don’t confuse the test I am talking about with an internet broadband speed test. The test is for webmasters to check their website speed and to enhance the performance if required.

Google Speed Test

Testing your site is easy. All you have to do is to copy and paste your website or blog’s URL in the PageSpeed Insights test.

Here is an example of the output from my website’s URL – the left is for mobile and right for desktop (I have just stuck the two results side by side):

Google speed test for mobile and desktop websites

As you can see the mobile optimisation is 85/100 and the desktop is 95/100 for my website and blog. You may argue the site isn’t very visually appealing but I would rather have a fast loading website for my visitors.

Alternative Page Speed Test

If you want to use another very good free speed test to compare against the Google Speed Test, I recommend GTMetrix. The output of my site is below -link to the score is here:

Page speed score for Justin Callaghan

So now you know where to check your website on the Google speed test, why not give it ago. If your scores are not green then you may need to tweak certain aspects of your website.

I use WordPress to build my blog and have installed a couple of very good optimisation plugins.

During recent time I have tested my website a lot to get it pretty quick. Here are some things that could be slowing your website down:

  • Too many Google Adsense adverts on page
  • Large sized images that require resizing or compressing
  • Using fancy fonts
  • Iframes and heavy widgets
  • Poor theme design

If you want me to check your website for you and give you some recommendations, please free to contact me or leave a comment below.

Find more speed tests here

Thanks for reading the Google Speed Test for Websites article today.

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