Gtech AirRam review

Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner review.

We take a look at one of the best vacuum cleaner inventions below.



If you are looking for a very good, lightweight, great looking cordless vacuum cleaner then we recommend the Gtech AirRam invented by Nick Grey the founder of*.

The Daily Mail rate the AirRam at 10/10 and ask “Is this the best vacuum ever?”.

The Gtech AirRam vacuum has received many top rated customer reviews as seen on Trust Pilot.

You may have seen the TV advertisement* where the ladies and gents are dancing around on a staircase with the very light Gtech AirRam and the one lady dancing with a heavy corded upright. This just illustrates how easy it is to use the AirRam. We have got one at home and we find it very easy to use indeed.


Gtech Air Ram features

The vacuum has no cord, is lightweight at just 3.5kg and compacts the debris such as pet hair, collected from the floor, into two small neat bales. The AirRam can be used on different floor types, has a runtime of approx 40 minutes and takes 4 hours to charge. You can buy spare batteries to continue using the vacuum. The vacuum comes with a 2 year guarantee and has lifetime washable filters.

The Gtech AirRam* outperforms a number of other cordless vacuums and has exceptional cleaning performance.

The are also a lot of spare parts you can purchase for the AirRam such as spare chargers, filters, bin lids and so on.

The latest price for the Gtech Air Ram is £199.

Check out the Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner at the official* website and read what other AirRam customers say about the revolutionary cordless vacuum, the latest reviews can be found towards the bottom of the page that opens.

This cordless vacuum is a very good buy and fully recommended.