Gtech Electric Bike – eBike Review


The Gtech eBike is an electric bike fitted with a high-powered Lithium-Ion battery on the frame which helps you pedal when needed.

The ebike has two cruising modes and helps you to pedal making cycling up hills easier.

There is an on board computer fitted which measures your pedalling and gives you a boost of up to 15mph when needed.

It is a pretty cool electronic bike to be fair. Visit* for the latest price on the eBike – RRP £995.

The battery on the Gtech eBike is high performance and the same that powers electric cars.

The battery takes 3 hours to charge and the charge lasts 30 miles of cycling. The power can be turned on or off at any time and there is a LED display indicating how much charge is left in the battery. The electronic bike can be used with or without the power.

For the very latest price of the eBike, please click the bike image below and this will take you to the official Gtech website.

There is a choice of two frame types, sport and city.

Both frames are very light weighing just 16kg and made out of aviation grade aluminium.  This is strong and designed to last.

There is a two-year warranty for the bike frame and battery (electronics). The bike wheels are fitted with puncture resistant tyres.

There is no chain on the bike as this has been replaced with a clean carbon belt which is the same used on motor cycles. The design of this bike is very good indeed.

Bike Spares

As far as spare parts and accessories go for the Gtech eBike, you can purchase a spare battery, mudguards, front and back lights, helmets and a kick stand. For further details on the prices of these, please click here*.

With anything that requires charging, there is of course a cost involved of the electricity used.

Luckily, Gtech have thought of this and have created a handy cost calculator so you can see how much it will cost to charge the battery. To charge the battery of the Gtech eBike it will cost just approximately £7.33 with a range of cycling 5000 miles. That is pretty impressive to say the least.

A couple of other things to be aware of when purchasing the Gtech eBike is that you get free delivery, free returns, free assembly and there is also a 14 day home trial.

If you are interested in reading more about this fantastic electronic bike from Gtech and the latest price, please visit the official website by clicking eBike – Gtech*.



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