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Hello and welcome to Justin Callaghan's website and blog.

I write random blog articles as a hobby and host websites for friends who have their own businesses.

If you are looking to set up your own website, or want free advice on how to create your own, give me a shout.

I am a self taught WordPress enthusiast who can install and host websites quickly.

Music, Playlist & Videos


As a big music fan, I have included some of the most popular artists and songs currently out now. Featuring the likes of Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Coldplay, The Killers and many more.  If you like trance music, check out my  A State of Trance article including the ASOT studio.

You can find the latest music videos and a selection of the best songs to listen on the blog. Check out my top 10 favourite music tracks list.

Latest News & Weather

News & Weather

On the website and blog, you can find the latest news headlines, trending online content, TV shows, live footy scores, celebrity gossip and so on.

Also featuring UK weather forecast, product reviews and recommendations,  the latest YouTube videos, what to watch on Netflix, live football scores, TV spoilers and much more.

All articles can be found here.