How to block emails on Gmail

How to block emails on Gmail to help prevent email spam and unwanted email senders in your inbox.

Getting fed up with the amount of spam on Gmail and want to know how to block a sender. You have come to the right place. I hate spammers and I am sure you do too!

I have only just found out how to block a sender in Gmail so feel it important to share how to action this on Gmail desktop inbox.

Instructions on How to Block Emails on Gmail – Desktop Version

  1. Open the email you want to block
  2. Click the three dotted menu to the right of the email
  3. Scroll down until you see “Block name of sender” then click to block

Here is a photo of how to action it on the desktop version of Gmail:

How to block emails on Gmail

Once you have clicked the Block “an email spammer name” option, you will not receive any more emails from that sender.

Please note: In the Gmail app on iPhone, the only options I could find was to report spam or mute not actually block a sender. You will need to visit Gmail on the full desktop version to action blocking.

You can block senders with the Android version of the Gmail app.  If you know any different please leave a comment below.

That was just a short tutorial but hopefully a big help in blocking unwanted emails.

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If you require further help please contact me.

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