How to Download Minecraft Maps

How to download Minecraft maps from a Windows PC and install them onto an Xbox 360.

This was a challenge and a half to start with!

My girlfriend’s 10-year-old asked me if I would help him download “Stampy’s Lovely World” Minecraft map and install it onto his Xbox 360.

As I do not play Minecraft myself, I needed Charlie’s expertise to help with the XBox 360 part. After 45 minutes we managed to get the Minecraft map from the Windows laptop onto Charlie’s Xbox 360.

Firstly, I looked around the internet and YouTube and found some differing instructions. Some of the YouTube videos suggested in other blog posts had been removed and some of the links given where dead so we came up with our own solution. Read on for our tutorial.

To download new Xbox 360 or Xbox One Minecraft maps onto a Windows PC you will need three things.

1) Windows PC or laptop (also available for Mac)
2) USB memory stick
2) Horizon modding software – available here

Instructions to download Minecraft Maps – 10 Steps

1) Move Minecraft Gamer Profile from Xbox hard drive to USB memory stick
2) Insert memory stick into Windows PC/laptop
3) Download Horizon from official website here
4) Search for a map you want on the net such as Stampy’s Lovely World – make sure it is a .bin file
5) Open up Horizon and drag the downloaded map into the large grey area
6) Choose your Gamer Profile in Horizon by clicking on it
7) Select device in Horizon, choose the memory stick – you should see transfer successful
8) Take memory stick out of Windows PC and insert into USB port of Xbox 360
9) Move your Gamer Profile on the memory stick (updated with new map) back to Xbox 360 hard drive
10) Open Minecraft and choose the new map you have downloaded

The reason I have not added any links to any maps or to the “Stampy’s Lovely World” is that they may have been removed since etc but a good source of Minecraft maps can be found here. As long as you download a .bin file and have anti-virus installed on your PC to prevent any malicious downloads, then you should be fine.

If you have any questions on how to download Minecraft maps for your Xbox 360, please get in touch and I will help as much as I can.

I hope this helps you download some cool maps. Charlie is happy now!