How to stop spam and junk emails in Outlook

How to stop spam emails and create a filter for junk mail in Outlook.

Recently, I had a real problem with spam and junk emails coming into our work’s Outlook email inbox. It was doing my head in.

The inbox stated we had over 100 emails and after going through them around 70% of them were spam and junk. In the junk folder there were even more.

I searched for a free spam blocker for Outlook but couldn’t find one so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

How to create a filter to stop spam in Outlook

Here are the steps I took to stop the spam and junk emails in Outlook.

  •  Sign into Outlook
  •  Navigate and click the Settings cog icon top right
  •  Look down and find Your App Settings – choose Mail
  • Look to the left hand menu and you will see these options:Stop spam and junk emails Outlook
  • Click on Inbox and sweep rulesOutlook create filter rules


    • Click the + sign to add a new rule – next step is to name the rule
    • Now you can choose what words are being sent in the junk or spam emails, such as web design, adult words and so on – add as many as you want and include the subject lines of the annoying emails

Specify Words for Outlook Rule

    • Then choose what to do with the actual email – I choose Delete – then hit save at the top

New Inbox Rule Outlook

You can create as many rules as you wish by following the same steps.

As well as filtering words in the subject line or email text, you can also filter by email address and so on.

There is also a way to block emails being sent by a specific sender.  Just open the email then hit unsubscribe at the bottom Outlook will then ask you if you want to block the email sender.

Search for more Outlook spam and junk information here

I hope this helps you combat and stop spam emails in Outlook.

If you require any further assistance please do no hesitate to ask or leave a comment below.

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