Image Resizer Online

Image Resizer to resize or crop your favourite pictures or photos.

In this article I am recommending a very good online image resizer.

The image resizing website I am referring to has been around since 2005. It has developed over time and has served on average approximately 30,000 image resizing per day.

The website you should visit is called Free Online Picture Resizer. You can resize, crop and also enhance your images.

Online Image Resizer

It is very easy to use the online image resizer. All you have to do is click “Browse” and upload your image or drag a picture into the box. Once you have done this click “Continue”.

After the image has been uploaded you select how much smaller (or crop it), you would like the image to be. You can choose some special effects and also change the picture’s quality. When you are ready, click “I’m Done, Resize My Picture”. When the image has been resized, you have an option to either save or view the image. If you choose save, the image will be saved into your downloads folder.

Image Resize Example

Here I will show you an example of an image resized using the tool.

The picture is of our french bulldog. The original image size is 577px x 495px.

I am going to use the resizer to make it 50% smaller.

Here is the original:

Image Resizer Example

After the resize the image is 289px x 248px and looks like this:

Frank Image resized

It literally took a few clicks to action. As you can see the quality is identical. You can save your image in the following formats: PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP.

So, if you are looking for a very good, free image resizer, check this one out here.

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