Incorrect Phone Number on iPhone after PAC Transfer

Incorrect phone number displaying on iPhone after a PAC code transfer has completed.

Recently I left my current mobile phone provider for a new one and requested to keep my old phone number.

I was given my PAC code from my previous provider and sent it to my new provider. I was given a transfer date of the next working day and it took approximately 8 hours for my old phone number to transfer to the new sim card.

Read on how to ensure your old phone number displays correctly on your phone.

Incorrect Phone Number Displaying on iPhone

The problem I had was that after my old number was confirmed to have transferred, when I went to send an iMessage the new phone number was being used to send the messages not my old phone number.

Here is how I sorted out the problem.

On an iPhone hit: SettingsPhoneMy Number

In the My Number field, make sure that you input your old number again (the one you wanted to keep) as this has more than likely got the new number from the new sim card in there. This was the problem. As soon as entered my old number everything worked fine again.

As well as this, I also turned off iMessage and FaceTime on and off then turned my iPhone off and on again.

Voila the old number I wanted to keep was appearing correctly and being used for iMessages and FaceTime.

I hope this helps you out. Any questions please do not hesitate to leave comment below.

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