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Johnny Bravo Episodes Carton Network

Johnny Bravo episodes, films and movies by Cartoon Network.

Find and watch a huge collection of Johnny Bravo episodes and short films here. (Credit goes to the person on YouTube who has created the playlist with over 200 videos).

If you remember watching Johnny Bravo as a kid like me, then you may be interested in this article.

Whilst chatting to my girlfriend’s son about funny videos, I remembered how funny the episodes of Johnny Bravo were.
We watched a couple of videos on YouTube and man it was funny. Even when hearing the Johnny Bravo theme tune made me laugh.

If you have not heard of Johnny Bravo he is a cartoon character from Cartoon Network with really big blonde hair, big muscles and the voice similar to Elvis’s.

The classic Johnny chat up lines and the old cartoons are really funny to watch.

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Johnny Bravo Episodes from YouTube

There are 200 videos in the above YouTube playlist, to browse episodes, click on the icon next the 1/200 and choose an episode to watch.

There are tonnes of Johnny episodes to watch online and I fully recommend watching some if you get bored one time.

Below is a list of some of the other characters in the Johnny episodes:

  • Bunny Bravo
  • Little Suzy
  • Master Hamma
  • Pops
  • Carl Chryniszzswics

Here is an image of Johnny with Bunny and Little Suzy:

Johnny Bravo Characters
I hope you enjoy watching the Johnny Bravo episodes as much as I did when I was a kid.