Kitchen Mixer Hot Tap Low Water Pressure

Here is a really quick article on how to fix low water pressure coming from the hot tap of a kitchen mixer tap.

If your hot water is coming out of the mixer tap slower than usual and half the speed of the cold water tap, then the chances are you have an airlock in the system.

I am not a plumber, you don’t need any tools and all I did was I watched a video on YouTube on how to fix low hot water pressure of a kitchen mixer tap.

The below steps only work for mixer taps not for individual taps as far as I know.

Here is what you do:

  1. Put your thumb or hand over the mixer tap where the water comes out
  2. Whilst you are covering the end of the tap turn on the hot water a little bit
  3. Then slowly for about 5 seconds turn cold tap on of mixer tap
  4. Release thumb or hand
  5. Turn off cold tap then turn on hot tap – should be back to full pressure and speed

Here is the video I watched :

That’s not me by the way in the video!

If this does not work for you please consult with a plumber.

I was amazed when this fixed the airlock and the tap went back to normal . Genius. Thanks to the guy in the video for sharing this easy solution.

I hope this fixes the low pressure from the hot tap of your kitchen mixer tap.

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