Krystal Hosting Review

Krystal HostingKrystal WordPress hosting* review and website migration instructions from one host to another.

Read about my experience of moving 8 live WordPress websites from one hosting company to another.  Find out what Krystal hosting company is like with a genuine and honest review.

Krystal WordPress Hosting Review

I have had WordPress websites for over 5 years and I was loyal to a hosting company. Recently their server went down for a week. Not only was this very inconvenient for me and my friends who I host websites for, I also lost income.

With this in mind, I decided to take a look into a new WordPress host.* I was an affiliate for Krystal but hadn’t actually thought of checking out their services. That was a big mistake.

I wanted to move 8 live WordPress websites to a new host and I wanted to install SSL certificates on all of the sites using Let’s Encrypt as it is a free option.

I came across Krystal UK Web Hosting*. Krystal offer very affordable hosting and also provide the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates allowing easy installation to make your websites secure.

Here is how I moved the websites, installed SSL certificates on all of the sites and will provide examples of live sites hosted by Krystal.

UK Web Hosting by Krystal*, visit the official site for more details.

Migrating Live WordPress Websites

Migration plugin for WP

As I mentioned earlier, I have 8 WordPress sites and needed to move them to Krystal* asap.

Here is how I did it.

  1. Installed plugin All in One Migration from the WordPress plugin directory onto the site I wanted to export
  2. Exported the WordPress site from the plugin options, this exports the entire website including database
  3. Now that you have exported your site into a WordPress file, change the name servers on your current host to the new host
  4. When the name servers have changed install WordPress application on to the domain
  5. Install the All in One Migration plugin onto the site
  6. Import the WordPress file into the plugin
  7. Save and update the permalinks, log out then log back in, your website will be live and exactly the same

I performed this 8 times.  On the last WordPress website import, there were images missing from my site.  They were in the media library but not showing.

The problem was I had the W3 cache plugin installed. The browser cache option was preventing them from showing.  I deactivated the plugin and all the images appeared again. I reactivated the W3 plugin then turned each cache option on one at a time until the site was the same.

Krystal Hosting Support

All I can say about the support I received in my first two days with Krystal was absolutely first class.  I raised three supports tickets.

One because I had insecure parts of my homepage on this site after installing the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.  My logo was showing http instead of https.  I re-uploaded it and it fixed the problem on the advice of Krystal customer support.

The second issue was the my database was an old version so they made it the latest.

The third ticket was to activate the affiliate account.

All tickets were answered really quickly and professionally.

Krystal Hosting Prices

So how much does hosting 10 websites with free SSL certificates cost?

For £5.99 plus VAT (£7.19) you can have 10 live websites, unlimited sub-domains and free Let’s Encrypt certificates.  This is a very good offer indeed.

For a few pound more you can host unlimited websites.  To find out more about the hosting prices, take a look at UK Web Hosting by Krystal*.

I fully recommend Krystal hosting to host WordPress websites.  I wish I had of discovered them a while ago and saved myself some money.

Just a reminder, SSL certificates can help with your ranking in Google and as these are free at Krystal and very easy to install, you should take a look.

If you want any help in migrating a WordPress website from one host to another let me know.

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Thanks for reading the Krystal WordPress Hosting Review.

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