Leamington Spa Car Parks & Parking

Car parking in Leamington Spa.

If you are looking for somewhere to park in Leamington Spa and directions to certain car parks, check out the handy map below.

The map is powered by Google Maps and has the ability to zoom in and out.  The more you zoom in, the more detail you will see for the surrounding area.

As well as the main car parks featured below, there are also other roads and side streets you can park in and around the town centre.

Leamington Spa Car Parking Map

If you require directions to a car park or want to view a larger map of the area, click on a red marker on the map for further details and options.

Other areas of interest are shown on the map (if you are looking for directions) such as:

  • Leamington Spa Shopping
  • St.Nicholas Park
  • Newbold Comyn Park
  • Warwick Castle
  • Edmondscote Sports Ground
  • Leamington & County Golf Club
  • Leamington Football Club
  • Mr Karting
  • Jump In Trampoline
  • And many more places!

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I hope this helps you find a good car parking spot in Leamington Spa!