Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F Tips, Tricks & Review

Lenovo Tab 10 TBX103F Review
Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F tips, tricks & review.

Here you will find some useful tips and tricks for the Lenovo Tab 10. I have been using this tablet for over a month now and have made some tweaks so it is nice and quick. I like the tablet and have made it nice and fast using a few useful apps and changed some settings.

I read some reviews recently and a number of questions were raised about some of the settings of the TB-X103F.

I too found the tablet a bit slow to start with, I also struggled to move the brightness slider, could not remove the icons from the top left of the screen and kept getting notifications on the front of the tablet.

With this in mind, I am going to share with you my solutions on the following settings:

  • Unable to adjust brightness of tablet
  • Slow internet browser
  • Remove small icons top left of screen
  • Stop all notifications
  • Recommended Lenovo tablet case

Lenovo Tab 10 Settings

Unable to adjust brightness:

To start with I installed an app to optimise the tablet. This was great but then I realised I couldn’t move the brightness slider and the screen was very bright. I uninstalled the app. I still couldn’t move the slider.

The solution was to re-install another brightness app only, then remove it. The slider worked again.

Slow browsing when online:

When I first got the tablet I used Firefox to browse the web. It was slow and sluggish. Firefox is my favourite browser but I thought well if the tablet is Android (Google) let’s give Google Chrome ago. Low and behold, wow. Fast as. The tablet was much, much quicker.

My recommendation is using Google Chrome to browse the internet. To save a bookmark, open up a webpage and press on the star next to the website address. This will go blue and be added to your bookmarks.

Remove small icons top left of screen:

For some reason on the top left of the screen small icons appear. These are usually download icons, settings icons and Google Play icon.

To remove them, you need to slide your finger down on the icons and the notifications will expand. You can then swipe on each of them to the left to remove them. Just a tad annoying that they have to be there!

Notifications on the front screen with vibrate:

Another setting that I have actioned is disabling the notifications appearing on the front screen. You can stop these by visiting Settings, Sounds & Notifications. I have disabled all notifications.

Lenovo Tab 10 case:

Recently I have read some people have been struggling to find a case that fits the Lenovo Tab 10. I bought a really good one which is leather effect. You can find the correct cases on eBay. This is where I bought mine from.

Here is an image of the case:

Lenovo Tab 10 Case

It is a good quality and good value case for the Lenovo Tab 10.

Using a mouse with an Android Tablet

If anyone wants to know if you can use a mouse with an Android tablet then the anser is yes. All you have to do is purchase a USB OTG adapter. I bought mine from Asda for £4.99 but they are available online.

The mouse will allow you to point the cursor on an app on the screen and open them and highlight text, it wont let you right-click or copy and paste. To copy and paste you need to highlight the text, press with your finger on the text then the menu appears. Hit copy, click with your mouse where you want the text to go, then take the screen and choose paste.

You can also attach any other USB device such as a memory stick or camera via a OTG adapter.

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Thanks for reading.

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