Love Island Winners & Popular Contestants

If you watch Love Island, there are always a few standout contestants that make us laugh or show great character. What are they up to now? (This post refers to Love Island from 2019).

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Once the show is over a number of the contestants go on to do great things. But without following them on the likes on Instagram or Twitter you never know what the favourites get up to.

I have created a new Twitter list featuring a selection of Love Island popular contestants such as the likes of Maura Higgins, Tommy Fury, Molly-Mae, Siannise, Shaughna Phillips, Paige Turley, Finn, Luke T, Luke M and more. The list will grow depending on who from Love Island joins Twitter and is a legend!

Hopefully the members of this list won’t mind being a part of it!

Well done to all the Love Island contestants for being a great laugh and entertaining!


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