Have you ever wanted your own website or blog, but are unsure how to go about it?

In this article, I will explain how you can have your very own low-cost website, along with how I will help you set things up for free.  I am a friendly and efficient web hosting assistant!

Check out this website I made called HostingM8 which explains things in more detail.

Hosting and Domain Name

Firstly, to get a website online you need to things.  Web hosting and a domain name.

Web hosting is space on a server where files for the website are stored, and the domain name is your web address/URL.

My "go to" hosting and domain name provider I use for all of my websites is Krystal Hosting. Krystal are an excellent hosting company and very affordable. The domain name is added to the hosting account in a control panel and apps can then be installed.  I use WordPress for my websites therefore I will install this for you onto your domain.

You will be asking yourself; How come I am offering free support to help you set up a website?  What do I get out of it?

Well, the kind people at Krystal offer their members to become affiliates for them after three months of being a member.  Anyone you refer to Krystal you can earn good commission.  That is how I get paid for my service.

You simply click my affiliate link, purchase web hosting which is £5.99 a month, and a domain name which costs approximately £10 a year.  I also have a discount code you can use to save some money on hosting.

Setting Up Your Website

Learn how I set up your website below:

  1.  Once you purchase the hosting and domain an account is set up in Krystal
  2.  You will get a link to cPanel where you can control your website in your Krystal account
  3. I install WordPress onto your domain name
  4. I install useful plugins and a free theme of your choice (which can be changed afterwards)
  5. You let me know what pages you want creating and I create these

Once the pages are set up, I will show you how to add the content like text and images.  If you are used to adding posts to Facebook or Twitter, then you will easily be able to add content to WordPress.

My Website Experience

Here is a little bit about my website experience, and you can find out more about me here.

Firstly, I have three other websites you can check out in addition to this blog.

I have been creating WordPress websites for over 12 years now, primarily for small business and self-employed people. Some recent customer reviews rating my service can be found on Google My Business here.

Recently, I have passed the Google online course "Fundamentals of Digital Marketing", so can also help your website feature high on search engines.

If you are interested in my free website set up service, more information can be found at this dedicated website.  Feel free to leave any comments below, or use the Contact form to directly email me.

Remember, you only need to click my unique link (which I will send you), purchase hosting and a domain name, and I will guide you through the set up proceeding.

Thanks for reading.



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