Money Saving Expert Deals & Discounts

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis deals, bargains and discounts.

I must admit I am a fan of Martin Lewis and the Money Saving Expert show.

He has helped me and my family save some money on utility bills, car insurance and so on with his money saving advice and tips.

Below I am showcasing the MSE deals, bargains and discounts that are available from the official Twitter account. This is a great way to find deals.

Money Saving Expert Deals & Discounts

Money Saving Top Tips

Here are my favourite money savings tips from Martin Lewis:

  • Xmas: If you cannot afford to spend a lot at christmas or nothing at all just be honest and tell your friends and family not to buy you anything
  • Bank Accounts: Switching bank accounts has become a lot easier and some offer you money to join
  • Credit Cards Vs Loans: Some credit cards are cheaper to have than applying for a loan if you need to borrow extra cash

I hope the featured deals help you save some money too!

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